4 Tips to Achieve a Lower Electric Bill This Summer

February 22, 2020

With summer approaching, there’s no better time to learn about how to lower your electric bill than the present. The heat may be uncomfortable when summer arrives but that doesn’t have to put pressure on your budget as well.

The average electric bill for an American household is always highest during summer but lowering your electric bill is a lot easier than you might expect. Before you start pulling out your electric bill calculator and slashing your power usage across the board, take a breath and consider the following options:

  1. Let the air flow

Consider your home’s ventilation. What parts of your living space are already well-ventilated?

Keeping your windows open is a tried and tested solution to maintain a cooler atmosphere at home. This is especially true during the evening when the temperature is cooler and most activities involve turning in for the night.

  1. Consider investing in a fan

A fan is more cost-efficient than air-conditioning and allows for a variety of options when it comes to sizes and strength. Consider investing in a fan that will meet your needs and work optimally with the influx of airflow already happening in your home.

Consumer Reports produced a guide to finding the right fan for your home that won’t break the bank. While buying a quality fan may feel like a larger cost upfront, the investment is likely to serve you long after your initial purchase. Moreover, utilizing a fan can help you save on your monthly air conditioning bill, too.

  1. Unplug what you’re not using

Unplugging appliances can also play a role in keeping your electric bill down. A lot of appliances still consume power even when they are not on or in use. This contributes to a higher bill at the end of each month.

While you don’t have to unplug certain appliances that require a constant flow of power, like your home refrigerator, making sure that unused electrical equipment is unplugged prevents them from consuming energy and adding to your electric bill. The choice to unplug your unused electronics could save you up to $200 each year and protect you from power surges, too.

  1. Live Greener

Living more environmentally conscious goes hand-in-hand with becoming more financially responsible with your electric bill. Take the choice to install LED lights in your home, for example.

LED lights are more eco-friendly, consume less energy, and last longer. You’re not only creating less light pollution, but also making your illumination needs cheaper in the long run.

As the summer season starts to creep in, consider implementing one or more of our strategies to save money on your electric bill this summer and beyond. Any amount you save can be contributed towards something else more exciting than paying bills, like your retirement goals or vacation!

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