3 Best Cities to Retire in America

March 26, 2020

As you’ve probably heard, finding a place to live is all about “location, location, location”. This is especially true if you’re currently looking for or making plans to move to a new city for your retired years. When moving into your retirement years, the world is your oyster and you’ve got plenty of great options to choose from.

Today, we’re bringing you some of the best retirement cities in America that we think you should consider!

3 great places to consider retiring

  1. Sarasota, FloridaThe U.S. News & World Report ranked Sarasota, FL the second-best place to retire because of its award-winning beaches, “thriving arts and cultural scene”, and proximity to Tampa and Orlando!

With a median age of 51.6, Sarasota offers an older community and median home prices of $237,260. If you’re looking to live in more social settings, Sarasota also offers robust options for senior living communities for those who might need continued care at home.

  1. Austin, Texas — If you’re hoping to retire in a landscape that has outdoor and water activities, a suburban and urban cityscape, as well as a vibrant social landscape, you might consider Austin, Texas as your chosen retirement city.

After55 notes how although Austin is an expensive city “with an average rental price of $1,232 and an average home price of $262,182” surrounding suburban towns offer more affordable options to those who want access to city living without the prices that come along with this perk.

  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan — For the midwestern loyalists looking for a hip, middle of the country city to reside, Grand Rapids might be the choice for you! TopRetirements ranks Grand Rapids as “one of the most prosperous and dynamic cities in the state of Michigan”. Part of this can be attributed to Grand Rapids being a stunning natural landscape with plenty of parks and lakes to visit.

On top of this, SmartAsset denotes the possibility for retirees to “stretch their budget thanks to a low cost of living”. With the median home value at $113,600, retirees can invest in real estate that is $70,000 lower than the national median.

Retirement factors to keep in mind

It’s important to note how finding your retirement city is dependent upon your needs, wants, and financial situation at the time of retirement. Perhaps you are looking for a low cost of living state? Maybe you interested in finding a landscape that will accommodate your love of outdoor activities like windsurfing, hiking, or biking? Or, maybe, you are hoping to live in a more social community where you can find likeminded folks to bond with.

The point is, finding your retirement city is a personal choice, and you’ll want to consider yourself as you delineate what is important to you for your retirement lifestyle. And, if you’re not yet ready to pick a city, consider checking out our guide for how you can prepare for retirement now!

Need some inspiration for side hustles during retirement?

No problem! We understand how your retirement years are a time to be financially secure while doing work your care about. So, we’ve compiled a list of ten great jobs you should consider during this time in your life!

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