Wedding Season is Here: Your Guide to Wedding Gifts on a Budget

August 9, 2019

Remember when you were receiving what seemed like a ‘Save the Date’ or wedding invitation in the mail or online every week? Well, those weddings are likely right around the corner. Wedding season has officially arrived and although you could not be more excited to see your best friend, sister, or 4th cousin say ‘I do,’ it can be stressful to think about how you are going to afford all of the gifts that come along with it.


Before you decide to update your RSVP to ‘Regretfully Decline’ to avoid the oftentimes exorbitant costs of being a wedding guest, keep reading. This blog post will help give you some fresh ideas on how to save some dough so you can enjoy dancing the YMCA without stressing about your credit card bill.

How to Master Wedding Gifts on a Budget


1. Discounted Gift Cards

With websites like Gift Card Granny and Cardpool, you’ll never have to buy a full-price gift card again. With discounts ranking from 5%-35%, you can easily save money and still give them something useful and stress-free. Also, this ensures the bride and groom pick out something they really want versus an off-registry gift they may end up returning.

Pro Tip: Take into consideration where they are registering for their wedding. This is a sure-fire way to select a gift card for a store they already shop at.


2. Make it a Group Effort

Sync up with other wedding guests that you know are attending to see if they’d be interested in combining funds to purchase something on (or off) their registry. This way, you can also pitch in to get them a pricier item on their list without having to break the bank.


3. Create a Gift Bundle

When browsing their registry, it’s easy to be directed to the flashy, big-ticket items. With that said, couples put the less expensive items on their list for a reason, too. They would like to own them. Look through all the items and pick out 2-4 cheaper gifts in your budget. This way, you are still giving them (multiple!) great presents without spending nearly as much as some of the others included.


4. Put Credit Card & Travel Rewards to Good Use

Many people continue building up credit card and travel rewards and never really use them. Don’t be like them! Cash in your rewards at participating retailers or be eligible for a sign-up bonus if you spend the necessary amount within the first few months. But remember, credit card debt can quickly climb if you’re not careful. Also, only open one or two cards total to help avoid a drop in your credit score.


5. Contribute to a Cash Registry

A recent trend in the last few years for wedding gifts is a cash registry. The (almost-married) couple will offer a cash option on top of a traditional gift registry or opt out the gifts entirely. This fund can go towards their honeymoon, house, or straight into their bank account. This is a wonderful trend for those on a strict wedding gift budget. This allows for you to give only as much as you can afford to, while still helping them get closer toward their goal.


6. Become a DIYer

Gifts don’t have to be purchased. Try your hand at a wonderfully thoughtful and personalized DIY wedding gift that the bride and groom will never forget. From a shadow box full of precious memories to a stunning macramé table runner, there are projects out there for every type of crafter.


7. Hit the Registry Early

Once you receive the notification that the couple’s registry is live, hop to it. If you’re quick to check out the registry, you won’t have to compete with other guests on the lower-priced gifts, purchase a wedding gift outside of your budget, or take a guess as to what they would like off of the registry.


8.Take out a Small Loan

Finally, if you don’t have the money for the wedding gift you want to purchase and you don’t want to add to potential credit card debt, opt for a small loan. With Illinois Lending, you can easily apply for personal loans that have flexible terms and no repayment fees with same-day approval.

In need of some more expert personal finance tips?

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