Post-Grad Life: Why Millennials are Still Living at Home

More and more, millennials are moving back home after completing their degrees. A survey conducted by TD Ameritrade reports 50% of millennials plan to move back home with their parents following college. But why is this? How is it that the start of independence becomes short-lived for some? Post-grads seem to be making different decisions […]

Emergency Funding Basics: How to be Prepared

In our last post about emergency funds, we broke down what they are and why everyone should consider having one. But how does one go about building this fund and maintaining it? How long do you need an emergency fund? What types of emergencies is your fund for? These are all great questions to consider […]

Stay Prepared with this Ultimate Retirement Checklist

Your plans for retirement may be as unique as a fingerprint but that doesn’t mean the steps leading up to that point in your life aren’t universal. Whether you intend to live out your retired days in an RV, journeying to every national park, or just want to take it easy and live without the […]

How Do Cryptocurrencies Work?

Understanding cryptocurrency is no easy task. While, presently, a hot topic, the information describing what it is, how it works, and even, cryptocurrency investing, is full of nuance. Today, we hope to break down this subject in a way that makes it more digestible. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are units of currency used to carry […]

Personal Finance Management Tips to Meet Your Savings Goals

It’s easy to feel like personal finance management is a skillset best left to professionals—especially since your finances might become more complicated as you move through life. However, when it comes to your money, you shouldn’t fear getting in the driver’s seat. We’ve compiled some tips and considerations to make your financial life a little […]

Maximize Your Income by Negotiating a Raise in Salary

A large part of maximizing your income is knowing what you’re worth. Asking your employer for a salary that reflects this figure isn’t always easy considering money discussions can be uncomfortable in some settings. Regardless, you deserve to be paid for your hard work at a rate that reflects your skillset and work ethic. We’ve […]

Save Money on Flights This Winter with These 7 Tips

The holidays are just around the corner and that means baking delicious treats, listening to Christmas music, and spending time with loved ones. This can also mean buying expensive flights in order to see everyone. If you don’t plan ahead, you can end up spending an exorbitant amount on domestic or international flights that can […]

5 Easy Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Making your meals more cost-effective begins with your trip to the grocery store as having food at home is an excellent way to keep you from eating out at restaurants, bars, and fast-food eateries. With a few tips, tricks, and modifications to your grocery shopping plan, you can save more money in the long run. […]

3 Great Apps for Managing Your Personal Finances

An intimate knowledge of your personal finances is a must, but this can, sometimes, prove to be challenging as it’s not uncommon that your personal finances will grow more complicated as you move through life. For example, how you managed your money in your early 20s versus your strategy for finances when you become a […]