Save Money Using Online Bill Pay

August 12, 2013 Category: Blog

Have you been logging into your online banking only to be bombarded with your accounts new online features? Don’t ignore them! You might be ignoring an opportunity to have your online banking do all of your bill pay work for you.

Most banks make the process pretty simple to set up. You should only need your most recent bills along with your account information. Enter the company and account information, and the online bank basically does the rest for you. You can set up automatic-withdrawal on set dates where everything is automatically recorded for you.

What about the smaller companies that don’t use electronic transactions? Your bank probably has that covered. You can electronically process written checks and have them mailed free by your bank! Make sure you know the ins and outs of your bank and what to expect on time and process.

My favorite perk? No more paper trail! Online banking is adamant about automatically recording and archiving your banks activity. You can also set up alerts to your email or smart phone so you are notified when a transaction is being processed.

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