Payday Loans in River North Chicago, IL

“At a time when I was in a financial crisis, Illinois Lending assisted me with the funds to see my child attend prom. And that was a special moment for me and my family!”
– Latonia T. –

Looking for a Payday Loan in River North Chicago, IL?

Many of us have been in a cashless situation. And those times are risky, especially when there’s an unexpected expense that you need to pay right away. Besides those extreme situations, you may want to finance a nice getaway weekend for yourself. Illinois Lending Corporation offers a wide range of loan opportunities to help you with your financial blows and help you get through tough situations quickly and less painful.

Experience River North with ILC Loans

We at Illinois Lending Corporation know that you need to carefully evaluate your situation to make sure you will make the best choice for your loan. What caused your financial needs? By knowing this, you’ll know how much money you need to borrow and to budget for the repayments. Also, ILC loans are more affordable than payday loans because you’re not required to pay them off from your next paycheck (but in several installments over the course of 9 months).

ILC loans can help you experience all the great spots in River North Gallery District! The area has many entertainment venues, restaurants, dance clubs, and bars beside the one thing it’s most known for – the largest concentration of art galleries in the US – outside of Manhattan! When in River North, you can get a loan in-store or online in a matter of hours and without a good credit score, and spend it on anything from a family sightseeing boat tour to a mini-golf game to the Museum of Contemporary Art. You may find the Headquarters Beercade to be one of the most fun places in River North, offering an extensive collection of arcade games, excellent bar food, and more than 70 craft beers. Also, you’ve probably heard of House of Blues, which featured many of the best national and international acts during the last 26 years. Payday loans can offer the assistance you need, but due to high rates and short repayment period, you should understand how expensive they really are. With better terms and rates, ILC loans are waiting for you in one of our locations, whether you need the money to visit the Chicago Shakespeare Theater or provide yourself with a level of security and comfort until your next paycheck.

IL Lending in River North Chicago, IL

You can apply for our loans in person or online, and the process is very straightforward in both cases. There’s one application form to fill in and provide some documentation. Your monthly repayments are unlikely to change through the term of your loan, making it easier for you to budget for them. Despite your current money problems or bad credit history, you may still be able to be approved for a loan. All you have to prove is your identity and address, as well as that you can afford the repayments.

Be sure to remember that, if you need the money for a non-emergency (such as a trip to River North), opting for payday loans to cover it makes less sense due to their higher rates and short repayment period.

Sign up for an online or in-store loan in River North IL today! You may be surprised at how quickly you will get approved for it. After that, you can head to the Comedy Bar in River North for a good laugh.


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