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The fourth largest city residing on Lake Michigan and the fourth largest in Wisconsin, Kenosha is a tranquil town with beautifully manicured landscapes. With so many things to experience there, being in a tight financial situation can be an obstacle to experiencing Kenosha to the fullest.  Thanks, to Illinois Lending and affordable personal loans we provide, you can cover all your expenses and don’t fret about making it until your next paycheck!


Experiencing Kenosha with Illinois Lending Personal Loans

Take your new loan and head with your friends or family to the Anderson Arts Center – a historic French Tudor mansion dedicated to the promotion of the arts – literature, drama, dance, music, and art. The mansion has 9,000 square feet and features six major art exhibits per year as well as lectures, symposiums, educational workshops, and performances. You can enjoy many activities with your family or friends, such as music and art classes, special holiday events, ballroom dance classes, and send your kids to their kids’ summer art camp.

For a museum experience, there’s the Civil War Museum. Established in 2008, it features many exhibits that focus on personal stories of Civil War veterans but also soldiers who were involved in present-day wars as well. There’s a variety of displays, exhibits, educational programs, workshops, and classes.

Use the money approved by Illinois Lending to give your kids an unforgettable experience at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. The museum was established in 2008 in a Beaux-Arts historic building and is dedicated to the explication and exploration between meat-eating dinosaurs and modern birds. The children love the “Little Clint” interactive exhibit, which follows the journey of T-Rex from birth to fossilization, excavation, all the way to the museum. If you’re taking a loan to finance these non-urgent expenses, be sure to spend them wisely and avoid applying for payday loans because they’re notorious for their aggressive lending and collecting practices.

If you’re a car lover, then be sure to head down to the Gateway Classic Cars museum – a national classic car museum that also specializes in selling collectible and classic automobiles to estates, collectors, and private sellers. And for some nice dining in Kenosha, use your Illinois Lending loan to pay for an authentic American dinner at Frank’s Diner. It’s a car cash-only diner that serves casual cuisine, such as savory and sweet pancakes, freshly baked bread, and burgers and fries. There’s also the Buzz Café on 6th Avenue that serves house-roasted coffee, craft beer, breakfast, and lunch.


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Kenosha is a beautiful city on Lake Michigan with many historic places worth experiencing. Packed with great nightlife venues, historic sites, world-class museums, and entertainment places, you can enjoy everything from nature to lake cruises to shopping.

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