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Looking for a Payday Loan in Bridgeport Chicago, IL?

People apply for payday loans for a variety of reasons because they are instant and come with total spending freedom. However, the lenders of payday loans provide them at extremely high rates and short repayment period, all which display a pretty bad reputation for them. On the other hand, bank or credit union loans have a clear and specific purpose – if you get a car loan, you must spend it on buying a car. With an ILC loan, you have total spending freedom – buy your daughter a prom dress, remodel your living room, or a have a nice dinner when out in one of Bridgeport restaurants. Also, the terms and rates significantly better!

One of the most vibrant communities in Chicago, it also hosts a store location for Illinois Lending Corporation. With our minimum-requirement loans at hand, people with bad credit history can get approved for a loan quickly and pay for any of their expenses.

Living in Bridgeport Chicago, IL

Financial security and freedom come as a problem for many Americans. ILC operates for that reason – to help people manage their finances, feel safer, and fulfill their desires by providing them with affordable loans. With our loan, you can experience the artistic community in Bridgeport by visiting the Bridgeport Art Center. It has an office rental space and art studio but also offers art classes as well (such as woodworking, jewelry-making, and mosaics.) The Co-Prosperity Sphere is a vast gallery space (2,500 square feet) used to showcase work of cultural workers, performers, and artists of all backgrounds. It’s an artistic community that draws creative people, so if you’re an artist with the need for a studio, you can use the loan to pay for a place to create where like-minded people surround you. And if you’d want to expand your record collection, head to the Let’s Boogie Records & Tapes to browse through their 35-year-old record inventory.

ILC loans are fast. With minimum documentation and without a credit check, you can apply in our Bridgeport location or online and get approved for a loan faster than you could say “I’m hungry.” In Bridgeport, there are places like Northern City, Homestyle Taste, and A Place by Damao where you can enjoy anything from Chinese cuisine to Chengdu street food. Use your ILC loan to take your kids to the Guaranteed Rate Field to see the Chicago White Sox play. And after you put the kids to bed, you and your spouse can go to Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar to sit down for a drink and have some fun. It’s a craft-beer bottle shop where you can choose from a list of 400 different brews. If you’re up for some bar-hopping, you can move to Bernice’s Tavern to check out a local acoustic act and then to Mitchell’s Tap for a good night’s drink.

ILC Loans in Bridgeport Chicago, IL

For people looking for ways to save money better, in need of a quick loan, or with a poor credit history – Illinois Lending Corporation is there to give a helping hand! ILC loans don’t require much documentation or a good credit history (we don’t even perform credit checks.) With a driver’s license or state ID, a weekly net pay higher than $300, current pay stub, and with 60 days of current bank activity, we can approve your loan in no time! The loan can be repaid through payroll deduction or by debiting your checking account, and you’re not required to pay it off within two weeks (which is the case with payday loans). And the best thing is that you have all the spending freedom you want!

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