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Feeling the pain of a tight budget and need a little extra cash? You might be surprised how easy it is to get personal loans with no credit check from Illinois Lending. Applying for our short-term installment loans only takes a few minutes. You can often get approval the same day.

Unlike a payday loan, you’re not forced to repay it all by your next deposit. Instead, you get a flexible nine months, which makes it much easier on your wallet. That way, you could pay those unexpected medical bills, fix the car or even splurge a little on the family.

Online Loans With No Credit Check

Whether you love heading to Chicago for entertainment or prefer to stick closer to home in Bolingbrook, you will need money to finance it. Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park is great for a day out, but once you add tickets and meals, costs can add up quickly. The Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in nearby Darien is perfect for a weekend of hiking, fishing or horseback-riding. That said, all of those activities take gear, and you’ll need cash to get it.

Fortunately, ILC makes it easy to apply for same-day loans with no credit checks. For Illinois residents, feel free to apply online or visit one of our Chicagoland locations to complete an in-store application. We also serve out-of-state visitors — but they will need to go to one of our stores to get a loan.

ILC Loans: A Great Alternative to Payday Personal Loans

  • Fast application:If you hate losing an hour at the bank trying to get a personal loan, you’ll love the speed of our process. Just provide proof that you’re older than 18, have a full-time job and an active bank account. We’ll help you take care of the rest.
  • Quick cash:Depending on how you apply, you may choose cash, check or direct deposit. You might be able to get your money as soon as the same day.
  • No credit checks:If you’ve been turned down for loans because your credit isn’t perfect, no need to worry. Our loans offer access to quick cash without having to use credit cards or asking your relatives.
  • Peace of mind:Unlike payday loans with no credit check, you get an amount of money you can afford and nine months to repay it.

Getting the money you need for however you choose to spend it feels good. Getting it fast in Bolingbrook with no hassle is the best. To discover how quickly you could get your finances in order, apply online with Illinois Lending.


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