Community Series: 7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Rockford, IL

July 23, 2019

Have you ever been to Rockford, IL? You might want to pop by some time soon, because this city has enjoyed quite a revival over the last few years. Whether you walk through its scenic downtown or participate in one of many free summer activities, the city of Rockford will always have plenty for you and other visitors to do.

As with any new or recently changed place, there’s always so much to learn and discover about it. Here are 7 quick and interesting facts that you didn’t know about Rockford, IL.


1. Rockford is a city of many names—well, nicknames, that is. It’s been called “Forest City” and the “City of Gardens” in honor of its impressive natural parks, displays, and features.


2. Rockford also received (and somewhat unfortunately so) the title of “Screw Capital of the World” because of the millions of screws it globally manufactured. Today, many still recognize this city as a manufacturing powerhouse. Now, it’s home to manufacturers like the Fiat Chrysler assembly plant, Collins Aerospace, and more.


3. Rockford was one of the first places in the United States to have its own all-female baseball team. Organized in 1943, the Rockford Peaches was one of only two teams that played the entire 12 years of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League’s existence. These ladies even won the league championship several times in the 1940’s!


4. Rockford takes great pride in many other sports, too. For one thing, it has its own AHL team called the Rockford IceHogs. The city also claims it has more golf holes per capita than any other place thanks to its many golf courses.


5. Rockford has its own original beer called the Nikolob. Now brewed at the landmark Prairie Street Brewing Co., the Nikolob was once dubbed “the beer that made Milwaukee jealous.”


6. Rockford is home to the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center (MPAC), which is the longest running music establishment of its kind in the nation. The rock band, Cheap Trick, also calls Rockford home.


7. Rockford helped invent the classic sock monkey. The red-heeled socks that make up these stuffed animals saw their start in this city at the Nelson Knitting Company in Rockford. As they grew in popularity in the early 20th century, customers began generically calling these socks “Rockfords.”


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