Back in Session: Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping This Year

July 26, 2019

Queue the school bell. Begin the morning announcements. Although we’re currently in the dog days of summer, it’s not long until your kids are back to after-school sports and math homework. This year, be prepared for back-to-school shopping with Illinois Lending. We’re here to show you how to save money, and time, as you stock up on school essentials. Read our 8 tips on how to save money on school shopping to prepare your kids for the new year.


1. Inventory what you already have

Before you hit the shops, it is extremely important to review what school supplies and clothing your kids currently have. Write down what they don’t already have and reference this list throughout your shopping trips. Although this many sound obvious, many parents start shopping without an inventory, which leads to a lot of unnecessary spending. Sure, you can always return the extras, but you might not, which will lead to a much higher total than if you didn’t buy them in the first place.


2. Become a couponer

Get your scissors ready! Start reviewing local newspapers, circulars, and ads for coupons. You’ll be amazed what kinds of discounts you can find while drinking your morning coffee. Also, it doesn’t stop at traditional media. Couponing websites and apps are just as good in finding discounts that can be used online or printed out for in-store savings.


3. Map out sales

Be on the lookout for when large sales at clothing and general supply stores are happening. Similar to couponing, you can easily find this information online on their website or in your local newspaper if they have print ads. Make note of the weeks or days the sales are running in a planner or calendar and only head there during those times. This strategy will help you to avoid ever having to pay full price.


4. Sign up for store emails

Although consistent notifications from brands emailing you can be annoying at times, this is the best way to ensure you know when sales are happening. Being a subscriber can also come with additional perks. You might receive members-only discounts and coupons that are not available to the general public.


5. Shop during the off-season

Although it can be disheartening to buy a winter coat in summer or strange to buy sandals in winter, shopping during the off-season is a key to saving money for back-to-school. Keep your eyes on off-season sales to stock up on items that are typically more expensive when school is almost back in session.


6. Stretch your dollar further

School shopping doesn’t have to stop at Target or Walmart! Head to your local dollar stores to find awesome deals on school supplies like pencils, markers, notebooks, and folders. Although not everything in a dollar store is always $1, it’s typically way less than traditional stores.


7. Take advantage of sales tax holidays

Sales tax holidays are limited-time periods where sales taxes are either significantly reduced or entirely waived. This discount can go a long way for back-to-school shopping, especially because many of the holidays occur toward the end of August or beginning of September. Check when or if these holidays occur in your state and reign in the savings!


8. Take out a loan

Lastly, taking out a small personal loan is a great way to be able to afford new school supplies if you don’t have the funds right now. With Illinois Lending, you can easily apply for an in-store or online loan that has flexible terms and no repayment fees with same-day approval.

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