How to Pick Your Credit Back Up After Facing Credit Card Delinquency

Getting the hang of your personal finances can be difficult because of how customizable your choices are for how you’d like to handle your money. Maybe your focus is on saving? Or perhaps you’ve decided to take on creating an investment portfolio? Or, maybe, your focus is on recovering from financial hardships, like credit card […]

5 Low Cost of Living States to Consider

No matter where you decide to live, one thing you likely have on your mind is the cost of living and all the factors (housing, grocery, health care, etc.) that make up this number. We understand how difficult this can be and have compiled a list of five low cost of living states you might […]

4 Tips to Achieve a Lower Electric Bill This Summer

With summer approaching, there’s no better time to learn about how to lower your electric bill than the present. The heat may be uncomfortable when summer arrives but that doesn’t have to put pressure on your budget as well. The average electric bill for an American household is always highest during summer but lowering your […]

4 Solutions for How to Pay Off Student Loans Little by Little

The journey towards being free from your student loans can be frustrating. Luckily, there are steps you can take to lessen this burden. While debt payoff can sometimes feel isolating, student debt is an occurrence that’s affecting students worldwide. The Institute for College Access & Success notes the average student loan debt affects 66% of […]

5 Sustainable Living Swaps to Save You Money

Saving money and being more earth-friendly are two ideas that can work beautifully together. In fact, today we’re bringing you five sustainable living swaps that will make the earth and your wallet smile. Bike or walk instead of driving – The price of owning a car includes purchasing the vehicle, regular maintenance and oil changes, […]

Employer Matching: Understanding Your 401k

Retirement is an exciting time for you to have a second wind in life! You can live out your dreams and focus on other passions in your life, too. As you ready for retirement, it’s a good idea to start saving now but what if there were options to get help with your savings endeavors? […]

Are Instant Cash Loans the Future of Lending?

Sometimes, life is precarious and expensive. Having the money to handle these situations can be tough especially considering 27% of adults need help handling an unexpected $400 expense. While it’s prudent to work on your emergency fund, rainy day money, and set aside cash for your traveling goals or to finance your fun, have you […]

What is Social Security & Who Qualifies for Benefits?

Social security is a system many of us are familiar with in name but could, perhaps, stand to know more about its ins, outs, and who is affected. Today, we’re shedding light on the social security system and how it touches the lives of Americans nationwide. Social security basics Social security is an economic insurance […]

How & When to Use Your Credit Card Points to Maximize Rewards

Credit cards are a great tool that can help you in more ways than just giving you more spending wiggle-room. In fact, utilizing a credit card optimally can help you increase your credit score, plan out your expenses, and offer credit card points for fabulous money-saving opportunities. Today, we’re digging into tips to help you […]