4 Useful Habits That Can Get Your Finances and Life on Track

Getting your finances – and subsequently, your life – back on track is usually a next-to-impossible task. There are so many things that need changing, and you can easily get overwhelmed and thus discouraged. The key here is to start small – one thing at a time. Start by enforcing the useful habits we are […]

4 Ways to Save Money and Keep Your House Warm

Winter is still not over, and you certainly need to keep your home warm for a while. However, the thing here is less about heating it, and more about keeping the heat you have inside. That way, you’ll end up saving money as well in these winter months when the expenses are much higher. With […]

Four Basic Steps to Becoming Financially Independent

Financial independence is something that almost every person on this Earth wants to have, but very few manage to achieve. Several misconceptions are circulating about the idea of financial independence that put a hamper on people’s willingness to pursue it, in the first place.  The most common of these is the misassociation between financial independence and […]

5 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions has almost become a tradition as much as celebrating New Year’s is. The real problem here is keeping these unique and usually difficult promises you make to yourself. Almost 80% of people fail with their New Year’s resolutions, and that mostly has to do with the fact that most of us […]