Four Facts About Credit Scores Everyone Needs to Know About

Credit scores are incredibly important and are taken into consideration every time you make a significant purchase such as a car, or house, or when looking for a job or applying for insurance. But other than that, most don’t know much about them. Many don’t realize whether they have a credit score or not, what […]

Learning to Avoid Online Scams

Contrary to popular belief, the overwhelming number of hacks that happen online daily don’t involve any fancy or complicated software to get into people’s computers or bank accounts. Hackers and other such cybercriminals use far simpler but equally as effective tactics. And what’s more, they don’t exploit the network, per se, but the users, themselves.  Known as social […]

What Are the Costs of Owning a Dog

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you have a dog or are looking to adopt one soon. You’ve come to the right place as we’re going to discuss the costs that go into the care of a pup.   As you may now or will soon realize, taking care of a dog is more […]

Four Tips for Eating Healthy and Cost-Efficiently

Food is a necessity to live, but it can also be a costly need. The average American family spends over $7,000 on food per year or about 12.5% of their total income. Learning how to lower that percentage, while at the same time, keeping a healthy and satisfying diet is something that not many Americans can […]

How to Lower the Cost of Your Car Insurance

Most of us need car insurance to drive our cars to and from work daily. But the cost of insurance can put a severe damper on our path to financial independence. Luckily, however, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too, by lowering your car insurance premiums, all the while taking full […]

Four Low-Cost Home Improvements That Save You Money

When pondering about home improvement projects, most people assume that it’s tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of investments. And while this can be the case, of course, such as window or roof replacements, solar panels, etc., some projects are quite affordable. What’s more, some of these low-cost home improvement projects can save you hundreds, if not, […]

How to Budget Your Finances on an Irregular Income

Living on an irregular income can be quite a stressful experience. You never know what next month will bring and you can be left financially exposed by an emergency at a moment’s notice. It is a reality that some freelancers, seasonal workers, salespeople, contractors, or those who are self-employed or working on a commission can […]

Four Tips That Will Help You Stick To Your Budget

A personal budget is the first step toward financial independence. It will help you get on top of your money, eliminate debt, curve reckless spending, save up for a rainy day, and afford all that truly matters to you. For all the benefits that personal budgets can bring, it’s not always easy to stick to […]

Eight Ways to Save Without any Drastic Lifestyle Changes

Most people feel that saving money must come at the cost of drastically altering your lifestyle. What’s more, these drastic changes usually mean becoming very stingy and not enjoying things that cost money. However, we are here to show that it doesn’t have to happen, and you can certainly save money without making such drastic […]