Save Money by Eating on a Budget

September 3, 2013 Category: Blog

Do you consider yourself a thrifty eater? You might be surprised to learn that a thrifty family of five can spend half of what “liberal” food consumers are spending, according to the USDA statistics on food costs. We’ve learned the best tricks to being a money-saving buyer without cutting out your favorite treats.

Make a Flexible Meal Plan-
Stock up on the essentials for your refrigerator and pantry, and create a menu a week or two in advance. Cook based on freshness and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Learn How to Cook with Basics-
Stocking up the pantry is cheap and usually consists of most of your basic ingredients. These can last many meals, like grains, beans, pasta, jarred or canned produce and broths, etc. Creatively combine simple pantry ingredients with fresh produce and spices to keep your family happy and well-fed.

Make a List-
A grocery list is the best way to stay in check while shopping through isles of endless options. We recommend you keep an easily-accessible list of ingredients that need restocking.

Know your Grocery Store’s Deals-
Keeping track of items on sale at your favorite grocery store can help you with planning your meals. Look in the local paper for coupons. Use cookbooks or online recipe providers to inspire meals based off of the items on sale.

Don’t Make so Many Trips to the Store-
It’s the best way to avoid being tempted by unnecessary purchases. Try to limit grocery shopping to once a week and never leave the house without a list and a meal plan.

Shop on a Full Stomach-
Shopping on an empty stomach is the gateway to over-purchasing. Eat a satisfying meal prior to shopping and you will have a much easier time sticking to your list. Making impulse buys based off of hunger can really put a dent in your budget.

A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to saving money on food. These are just a few tricks that are a wonderful guide to frugal grocery shopping, while still getting the satisfaction of delicious meals.

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