10 Great Jobs for Retirees

March 9, 2020

Retirement is a fantastic time to pursue your hobbies and live out your dreams that have yet to be realized. For some, this means focusing solely on passions and for others, this means taking the plunge and changing career paths. Regardless of which camp you’re in, having a retirement job can be a great way to both pursue your dreams while making a little money on the side.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of ten jobs for retirees who would like to remain active and social in their later years while also making money.

Fun Jobs for Retirees

  1. Pet Sitter ­­­­­–– If you’re an avid animal lover but can’t manage a pet at home, pet sitting might be a great option. The American Heart Association (AHA) released a scientific statement regarding the positive effects associated with pet ownership, especially with dogs. These effects include reducing loneliness, stress, and a decrease in cardiovascular disease risk factors!
  2. Disney World Jobs ­­­–– Who doesn’t want to work at the happiest place on earth? Some of the fun jobs for retirees offered at Disney include Friendship Boat Crew Member, Park/Resort Greeter, and Entrance Operations. For those who only want to experience working at Disney briefly, retirees might consider working at the seasonal gift shop!
  3. Management roles –– With a handful of experiences in your respective job field, you might want to hop back into your field and do work that’s more familiar. Depending on how long ago you left your profession, you may consider looking at the landscape of your field and look for more managerial roles.
  4. Consultant –– Building off opportunities to continue work within your field, consulting offers the same familiarity as a managerial role but would be more of a continuation of the work you’d been doing thus far. The main difference is the change in time commitment. As an independent consultant, you are able to manage your workload and decide how many clients you’d like to take on. If flexibility is important to you, this might be a great option.
  5. Musician/Creative Performance –– If you’re interested in performance, there’s no better time to rekindle this flame than retirement. When was the last time you picked up your guitar or acted in a play? Retirement is the perfect time to reclaim your creative and performative pursuits. Taking time to sharpen your performance skills can open you up to perform for others and get paid, too. Even more, you might consider sharing your skills and becoming a tutor or teacher!
  6. Driver ­–– This is another fun job for retirees to gain some social interaction. If you know your way around a city, consider putting these skills to good use and becoming a driver. On top of social interactions, this job offers time flexibility as well! If driving people around stresses you out, you might consider delivery driving.
  7. Library Assistant –– Shelving books is a way to discover new books to add to your reading list. On top of this, you’ll be able to help patrons find books for their academic research or personal studies, too. A forgotten fact about libraries is that they are often community spaces for events. If you’re interested in organizing events, consider speaking with your local library about opportunities to get involved.
  8. Virtual assistant – Here is another work-at-home job for retirees. If you are comfortable with using technology to perform administrative tasks, there is a growing demand for virtual assistants in the market currently.
  9. Blogger –– There are many types of blogging, the most popular genres include travel and food blogging. You can take a further step by becoming a video blogger, and generate additional income from ads!
  10. Healthcare Occupations –– The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 14% growth in Healthcare Occupations in the next ten years. This is the job that has stricter pre-requisites, but if you have been working in the healthcare field before retirement, you can consider extending the position and work on a part-time basis.

Just like any other job you have done in the past, you might feel hesitant about whether you will enjoy your new job or not. However, what is great about these jobs is that most of them can be done part-time and, if you have a solid retirement fund, you do not need to worry about how good these jobs pay, and can continue exploring different positions until you find the one you enjoy most.

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